Inmotion V12 HT

45 degree hill climbing ability. More durable MOSFETS. Equipped with an off road tire

2 699.00 CA$

3 299.00 CA$

Range of 120 km, drive with peace of mind

1750 Wh battery

Top speed of 60 km/h, never late for work

2800W motor power




Inmotion V12 HT, a high-performance electric unycle

The V12 HT is a model from Inmotion. Its 2800W motor is more powerful than the V12 and offers a maximum speed of 60 km/h. This motor offers excellent acceleration and effortless acension of a slope up to 45°.
This electric unicycle is equipped with a 1750 Wh battery which allows to enjoy a 150 km autonomy.
The electronic assembly has been further optimized compared to the V11 to have a better power and longevity of the product.


With the V12 HT electric unicycle (EUC), you can adjust the height of the pedals ! Adjust the height up to 2 cm and adapt it to your ride. A lower setting for the city and a higher setting for the off-road.
This wheel has a parking stand, very practical to hold your wheel.
Its integrated trolley will facilitate its transport in the pedestrian places.
Under the handle of the V12 HT, there is an engine cut-off button so you can turn off the engine when you need it.
Inmotion V12 HT has a built-in multi-function touch screen. No need for an app, from the screen you can set an anti-theft system, choose the color of your side leds, have an eye on the battery level and the speed.

Headlights and speakers


Inmotion V12 HT is equipped with a 12W automatic headlight. The lights come on automatically when the light decreases and will light up all your night trips.
For a more fun atmosphere, you can choose your own atmosphere thanks to its RGB side leds.
For the immersive side, count on the four Bluetooth speakers located at the front and rear of the wheel.

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