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Return policy



Groupe Noaio Inc. is committed to taking back your items under certain conditions.

Upon presentation of your electronic invoice and within a maximum of 15 days following the reception of your merchandise, we can refund your purchases. Merchandise must be in new condition and returned in its original packaging. A reconditioning fee will be applied if the product is broken. For any electric vehicle, i.e. electric scooter or gyro scooter, the device must not have been dismantled or opened. The number of km travelled with the electric vehicle must be less than 50km, we estimate that it takes less than 50km to realize the satisfaction of a product. All refunds will be made via Square or by Interac transfer. Delivery charges and fees for oversized items that may have been charged to you when you purchased online will not be refunded. Shipping charges for the return will be at the customer's expense. Please contact our customer service before any return.


A technician from our company is available for any technical problem you may encounter. You cannot modify or open your item without contacting an employee of Groupe Noaio Inc. As you are not accredited by the manufacturer, this warranty will be automatically withdrawn. Our products are under warranty for 1 year. Batteries are under warranty for 6 months. If you encounter a problem, please contact our technical service. If we are unable to solve the problem remotely or to make the correct diagnosis, we will ask you to return the product. Unfortunately, we cannot assume the shipping costs if you use a third party carrier. Please contact our customer service department prior to any return.


Out of warranty

  • Abnormal use of the product
  • Product falls/shocks
  • Product breakage
  • Puncture
  • Pneumatic wear
  • Oxidation
  • Battery life problem (if battery is functional)
  • Wear parts in general (grip, pedals, bearings)
  • If the product has been disassembled by someone other than Noaio Service.

Out of battery warranty

  • If the storage conditions are not respected.
    Recommended storage conditions between +5°C and +35°C in a dry and sain place.
  • If the loading conditions are not respected.
    Recommended loading conditions between +10°C and +30°C in a dry and sain place, load the battery at least every 3 months.
  • If the conditions of use are not respected.
    Recommended conditions of use between 0°C and +35°C.
  • If the capacity is higher than 50% of the announced nominal value.
  • In case of oxidation and/or humidity.

After sales service Theoretical time [working days].

Customer service Theorical delay  (business days)
  In stock part Part to order
Puncture 5d 30d
Breakdown 15d 30d
Electronic 10d 30d
Autonomy 10d 30d
Maintenance 5d 30d



Write to us at [email protected]: indicate all the damages and attach photos if necessary to illustrate the damages. This information will be very useful for us to determine the nature of the problem and avoid this inconvenience in the future. We will contact you in return to solve your problem and proceed with a possible return of goods.


  • Before returning an item, make sure you have the approval of our customer service department.
  • Returns must include all accessories, documentation and packaging with of course the main product.
  • Please do not remove, open, modify or connect an external product to your item before contacting our customer service.
  • Eligibility for a return is determined on a case-by-case basis. We can no longer guarantee a product that has been modified.
  • Returns may take up to 10 business days to process.
  • We will not replace items that have not been invoiced.
  • In the event of a manufacturing problem, we will refund the shipping costs.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue support on older products and our return policy on products older than one year.
  • We suggest that you use a tracking system for all shipments. Lost items sent without tracking are not guaranteed.


Noaio offers a one-year warranty extension in addition to the manufacturer's one-year warranty on all its micro-mobility products. Warranties do not apply to spare parts and accessories.


The extended warranty covers electronic problems. That is to say, any problem related to the controller, wheel charging, lights, LEDs and sound. Battery problems are excluded because the warranty stops at 6 months even with the extended warranty. Motor problems after one year are not covered by the extended warranty.

Problems covered by the extended warranty :

  • Controller/Motherboard
  • LED and lights/headlights
  • Sound, buzzer, speakers
  • Circuit breaker
  • Mechanical problem with the trolley (unless related to a shock or breakage)
  • Charging port, USB port
  • Problem with the charger
  • Display

For electric scooters:

  • Gas pedals
  • Display

Problem NOT covered by extended warranty :

  • Problem related to the battery
  • Engine problem
  • Abnormal use of the product
  • Product falls/shocks
  • Product breakage
  • Puncture
  • Oxidation
  • Wear parts in general (grip, pedals, bearings)
  • If the product has been disassembled by someone other than Noaio Service. 

For scooters :

  • Brake. Disc or mechanical
  • Play in the gallows


The extended warranty is paid at the same time as the payment for a gyrorou or electric scooter. Taxes are applicable on the warranty extension. The rate is progressive according to the price of the item excluding taxes.

100$ for a price from 0 to $1499.

150$ for a price from 1500 to $1999,90.

200 for a price of $2,000 to $2,499.90

250 for a price of $2500 to $2999.90

300 for a price of $3000 to $3,499.90

350$ for a price of 3500 to $4999,90


If a problem occurs after the manufacturer's warranty year but within the period covered by the Noaio extended warranty, we will diagnose the wheel free of charge and promptly. Following the diagnosis, if the problem concerns the controller, the trolley, the circuit breaker, the charger or any electronic part except the motor and battery. We take charge of the repair free of charge with replacement of parts if necessary to give you your electric scooter in a state suitable for use.