Inmotion V12

1750Wh battery. 2500W motor power

3 299.00 CA$

ETA: 12 weeks

Range of 120 km, drive with peace of mind

1750 Wh battery

Top speed of 70 km/h, never late for work

2500 W motor power




A new look for a new model

Inmotion goes off the beaten track once again after a unique design of the Inmotion V11, here is the brand new Inmotion V12! First wheel of 100,8V for 1750Wh of battery capacity and a 2500W motor! I think that says it all: record-breaking features at all levels. The Chinese manufacturer has set the bar high with an electric unicycle that will compete with the most powerful wheels on the market like the Gotway RS, Nikola or Kingsong 16X.

A 16 "x3" tire, the same as that of the Kingsong 16X and Gotway Nikola, to make the wheel stable and comfortable, both on road and off-road.

Power, stability, handling

Inmotion announces a wheel that can reach a maximum speed of 70km/h. Be careful! We repeat once again, the goal is not to drive at 70km/h, but to know this limit to allow us to be much more tight when we drive at 40km/h. This means that we have some margin in terms of energy provided by the batteries. In other words, we have less risk of cutt-off during big climbs or for people close to 260Lbs (120kg). And yes, the weight of the individual counts a lot in the autonomy consumed and in the risk of cutt-off. To come back to the power, 2500W for 1750Wh of battery capacity, it is a very reassuring and very pumping combination for the speed and power lovers.

On the stability and handling side, Inmotion innovated by adding adjustable pedals to the V12. For more stability at high speeds on long straight roads, you'll tend to lower the pedals to the lowest setting. If you are looking for maneuverability, in steep trails for example, you will adjust the pedals in high position to avoid touching rocks or roots and thus increase the center of gravity of the wheel. This option is quite revolutionary and very much appreciated by users. The change of pedals is fast, here are the heights of the pedals compared to the position:

High position: 19,5cm

Middle position : 18,5cm

Low position : 17,5cm

Comfort and ergonomics

From a comfort point of view, the Inmotion V12 has two large pads on each side of the wheel. Positive point: the pads are clipped to the wheel so there is no need to remove the pads and risk tearing them like on the Inmotion V10F to access the screw. The pedals are classic, they are the same as on the Inmotion V11.

In terms of ergonomics, the other revolution of this electric unicycle is the screen on the top of the wheel, like the Veteran Sherman, which is tactile. It displays a multitude of information (current speed, average speed, remaining autonomy, internal engine temperature, CPU and batteries and many others). We have the possibility to choose the information we want to display, very useful!

There is a "scorpion" type trolley as found on the Inmotion V10F and V11. The EUC has 4 speakers on the front of the wheel to allow to broadcast music thanks to Bluetooth.

The famous kickstand that Inmotion innovated with the Inmotion v11 is present on the V12 and will make many happy because it is very practical.

Design and safety

The Inmotion V11 is IPX5 and the batteries are IPX7, which means that there is no more fear of riding under a water drench because the wheel and batteries are completely protected at the electronic level against short circuit due to a possible water infiltration. At the level of the batteries, the protections are reinforced with rigid shells to avoid the problems of infiltration of water, moisture but also shocks.

For the CPU cooling, Inmotion has replaced the fans by a bigger passive radiator which allows to dissipate the heat more easily.

I invite you to watch the video of disassembly of the inmotion V12 commented by Bonheur sur Seine and Wheelers Pro 👇.


The Inmotion V12 is a great wheel that will make users happy in the 16 inches wheel category. The 30kg weight is a bit annoying if you often have to lift your electric unicycle for a few steps, but can you blame it on the weight of the motor and batteries? No, thanks to the 2500W motor and 1750Wh battery capacity, the V12 will make us forget our pain for several dozen km. Rides of more than 60km are now possible in Inmotion and it's a real pleasure. Don't wait any longer, because in 2022 the supply will be as difficult as in 2021. For less than 3000$ we can have fun on the road or off-road, summer or winter thanks to this jewel of technology.

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