Electric scooter InMotion Air Pro

A light, fast and powerful electric scooter Take advantage of $100 OFF!

899.00 CA$

999.00 CA$

Range of 45 km, drive with peace of mind

438 Wh battery

Top speed of 35 km/h, never late for work

500 W motor power

As easy to carry as a backpack

A weight of only 37 Ibs




Inmotion Air pro

The inmotion air pro is the superior version of the InMotion air.

Inmotion air pro is equipped with a 500 W torque motor that allows a maximum speed of 25 km/h (limited). On private land, the maximum unbridled speed is 35 km/h. Thanks to this powerful motor, climb slopes up to 18%.

This electric scooter for adults has a battery of 438 Wh offering a beautiful autonomy of 45 km.
This battery protects you against any overload or overvoltage thanks to its intelligent management system.


Equipped with "Inmotion anti-roller" technology, the rear brake is activated before the front brake for safer braking.

Lightweight and foldable

InMotion pro weighs only 17 kg (37 ibs), ideal for urban use.

Fold your Inmotion electric scooter in only 3 seconds and store it wherever you want.

Driving mode

Air pro has 2 driving modes : drive (D) and sport (S)
Just press the power button twice to change the mode and adapt it to your ride

InMotion mobile application

You can lock your scooter, monitor the range and your trips with the InMotion-Life application

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