Electric scooter InMotion Climber

InMotion Climber is a powerful electric scooter with two 450 W motors.

1 299.00 CA$

1 399.00 CA$

533Wh battery

55 km range on a single charge

Dual 450W Motors

No more problems in the mounts




InMotion Climber

InMotion Climber is a powerful electric scooter with two 450 W motors that can reach a maximum speed of 35 km/h (private terrain) and 25 km/h in restricted speed. Thanks to these two driving wheels, you can climb slopes without any difficulty (up to 36% inclination). Really impressive!

This electric scooter for adults has a Lithium-ion battery of 533 Wh offering a superb range of 55 km. Its new Smart BMS system extends the battery life by constantly analyzing the status of each cell.
Ride without worrying about range on this Climber !


InMotion Climber has an electronic braking system (EBS) and brake discs for a stable and safe stop.


The two 10'' wheels bring an additional comfort by correcting all the irregularities of the road.
The ride is pleasant and smooth on all types of terrain.


Ride safely even at night with this Climber thanks to its headlight illuminating up to 15 meters.

LED Display & Mobile Application

Start and manage your electric scooter's lighting with one click from the LED display screen.
The screen displays your speed and battery level in real time.


From the mobile application "InMotion-life", you can also access several features: Lock the scooter, monitor your trips and battery life...


InMotion Climber is a compact electric scooter that can be taken anywhere. Fold your Inmotion in only 3 seconds and store it wherever you want.

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