Veteran Patton

The first EUC 126V of the Veteran range!

4 199.00 CA$

4 499.00 CA$

58lbs shock

Range of 80 km, drive with peace of mind

2200 Wh battery

Top speed of 70 km/h, never late for work

3000W motor power

No more defects on the road

Up to 80 mm of travel, 12 levels of compression




Veteran Patton

Veteran, now Leaperkim, offers a wide range of robust and reliable electric unicycles

The veteran patton is the first EUC 126 V of the range. It is equipped with a powerful 3000 W motor allowing you to ride on all trails. The maximum speed is about 70 km/h.
This electric unicycle is equipped with a battery of 2200 Wh offering a real autonomy of 60 to 80 km. You will be able to make many round trips to work or make long outings.
This battery is of course protected against overloads and excessive discharges.



This electric unicycle has the same type of suspensions as the Veteran Sherman S. Designed by Fastace, these suspensions ensure a high level of performance.
The patton has a center fork suspension with 80 mm of vertical travel (10 mm less than the Veteran Sherman S).
You can customize your ride with 12 levels of compression adjustment and 18 levels of rebound adjustment.

This suspension system provides a superb riding experience and better shock absorption.


This EUC is equipped with a display showing key information such as speed, voltage, battery level, mileage...

Its two-layer inner and outer cover gives better protection against rain.

Pedals, trolley and lighting

The pedals of this electric monowheel are made of magnesium alloy allowing an excellent stability and a good grip during acceleration or braking phases.

This new Leaperkim also has an integrated handle adjustable in height facilitating the transport of the wheel.

On the lighting, this veteran Patton is one of the best electric unicycle of the market. It has dual 18 W headlights of 2000 lumen and a rear light guaranteeing your safety even when you are traveling at night.

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