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Inmotion V13

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The Inmotion V13 is one of the largest suspension wheels on the market. Water resistant IP55 and Battery IPX7. Motor of 4500W. 3024Wh battery. Suspension speed max 90km/h

5 499.00 CA$

Range of 200 km, drive with peace of mind

3024 Wh battery

Maximum speed of 90 km/h, faster than light

4500W motor power

No more defects on the road

2 independent suspensions




Inmotion V13, the new generation of electric unicycle



Inmotion V13 is the latest model presented by Inmotion.  This exceptional model is equipped with a 4500W motor and a 3024Wh battery allowing you to ride on all types of roads.
You can reach a maximum speed of 90 km/h, which makes it the fastest electric unycle on the market.

New suspensions, 22" tires


Its 2 independent suspensions are the novelty of this EUC. Each side of the wheel has a suspension. According to your preferences you can adjust the pressure and the speed of damping. In addition to its suspensions, the Inmotion v13 challenger has an all-terrain tire of 22 inches. No trail can resist this model. 

New pedals



The new Inmotion V13 pedals offer the ability to adjust the angle and height for optimal positioning. The pedals are equipped with an anti-slip system (studded pedal) ensuring a better grip, especially in rainy weather.

LCD screen, dual load ports



V13 challenger has a multifunction LCD screen. The screen is placed at the front for a better reading of information. This screen displays key information, without mobile application: battery level, driving mode, speed, pedal sensitivity, time...
The V13 recharges in record time. Its dual A-type charging ports allow a recharge from 0 to 100% in 3 hours and supports up to 10 A. 




Concerning safety, thanks to its 18w front and 1w rear light, the Inmotion V13 Challenger ensures a high level of visibility in the night.

Customer reviews

5.0 / 5

1 review



Published on 19 Mar 2023
J'avais tellement hâte de recevoir ma Inmotion V13. Merci Noaio pour ce service de qualité. J'ai déja pu faire 100 km avec et j'en suis super ravi ! La qualité des matériaux et la sensations de vitesse sont top !

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