Inmotion V10 / V10F

More than 70km for a 2000W motor, the Inmotion V10F is a very versatile wheel. On road or gravel, it will give you a good feeling!

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16x2.5" inner tube
16x2.5" inner tube

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Inmotion V10/V10F cover
Inmotion V10/V10F cover

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Design and manufacturing quality

Exact copy of the Inmotion V5F on a 16" wheel. That's what you could say about this V10. Just like its predecessors, this wheel keeps the brand's mark: really nice LEDs, a visible and practical battery indicator, a shiny black plastic shell. Nothing has been left to chance. It's almost perfect except for the trolley which for some breaks the line of the wheel. A matter of taste.

Inmotion V10F en vue éclatée

Extra large pedals

The Inmotion V10F is equipped with long and wide pedals to maximize comfort and control. The first versions came with rubber pedals for better comfort but could become slippery. The original pedals are now grip. You can get the rubber pedals ➡️ here if you want more comfortable pedals during the summer.

We appreciate the high pedals (17.2cm), which allows a very high maneuverability during urban or off-road rides.

Seeing and being seen

We often talk about safety when we talk about a gyro and the important thing is to see and be seen. The Inmotion V10F has a powerful front light and a red rear light. If you brake, the red rear light will flash to indicate to the people behind you that you are slowing down. This is a great feature, especially on the bike paths of Montreal, Toronto and other cities in Canada.

The Inmotion 16" has LEDs on the sides in the shape of a circle which allows you to be seen very well at night and at street crossings.


Comfortable on the wheel and on foot

The V10F pads are the most comfortable. Whether you're on the wheel with your legs spread out or tight, you won't feel any pressure. In addition, the leatherette texture gives the V10F's design a very elegant look.

Nowadays, the trolley has become a must-have on a gyro-wheel. The Inmotion V10F's trolley is very well designed. It is easy to unfold, the handle is made of rubber to allow a good grip. 

Unique customizable look

As mentioned before, the Inmotion V10F has LEDs on the sides. This allows to increase the visiblity and the look. You can customize the colors and shape on the Inmotion application, then upload the template via bluetooth. You can also choose to remove the LEDs by pressing the engine cut button located under the handle while pressing the power button until you hear a beep.

The wheel has speakers that allow you to play music directly from your smartphone. To do this you can connect your phone to the wheel via Bluetooth, then listen via Spotify®️ or YouTube®️ to your playlist. Be careful not to look at your phone while driving though, it's not safe.

Concluding Remarks

With 2000W of motor power and 70km of range, the Inmotion V10F is one of the most popular electric unicycles. With its 2.5" wide tire and 17" outer wheel diameter, you'll be comfortable both in the city on asphalt and off-road on gravel trails. The 17.2cm high pedals allow you to ride safely through tight turns or off-road. You won't have to worry about rocks or roots, which you can easily avoid.

Inmotion has capped the top speed at 40km/h. We would have liked to reach 45 or 50km/h for a 2000W motor. But if Inmotion's engineers limited the speed, it is above all for our safety and to avoid cutt-offs. The wheel has a wide range of alarms making it very safe.

Here is a short video that will make you want to try it.


Adrien H

Très polyvalente

at 16 Oct 2021
La Inmotion V10F est ma première roue et j'en suis très satisfait. Je la trouve maniable et très plaisante à rouler. Je m'en sert pour aller à la job et j'aime être visible la nuit avec les LEDs sur le côté.