Electric scooter Hx X7 230Wh

4 reviews

This product is now only available in 230Wh.

699.90 CA$

ETA: 3-4 weeks

Range of 20 km, drive with peace of mind

230 Wh battery

Top speed of 20 km/h, never late for work

350W motor power

As easy to carry as a backpack

A weight of only 28 Ibs




Today, the electric scooter has become a daily means of transportation. What users are mainly looking for is reliability, comfort, safety, autonomy and ergonomics. We will see why this scooter fulfills all these criteria and why it is a perfect choice.

Portable battery, a plus that makes the difference

The Chinese supplier Hx is the only manufacturer in the world to produce scooters with removable batteries. It means it is possible to disconnect the battery from the scooter without any tool and very easily.

This particularity has several advantages: the first one that comes to mind is that it is possible to double or even triple the autonomy of the electric scooter by buying one or several spare batteries. One could for example put it in his backpack or fix it on his scooter with a system of attachment. It is then possible when the battery autonomy falls to 0, to switch the empty battery with a full charged battery, and here we go again! It is still economical to buy another battery than to buy a new scooter because we lack autonomy.

The other advantage of this system is to be able to recharge the battery without having to bring the scooter near an electric plug. Indeed, there is  charging plug on the battery to be able to charge it with the same charger provided with the scooter. For people with stairs or wishing to leave the scooter in a corridor or a locker room, at his job for example, it is possible! 

Safety and visibility, perfect urban experience

The scooter has a headlight high on the stem for a long distance visibility and a rear brake flashing when the brake handle is activated.

The Hx 7 is equipped with 3 types of brakes: the motor brake when you release the throttle, the foot brake by pressing the rear fender to slow down and the brake handle that controls the disc brake on the rear wheel.

This scooter is perfect for the city and our daily commute because it has all the regulatory and safety options for riding on bike paths and on the road.

Useful Ergonomics

The scooter has a secured handlebar locking system. This prevents any accident from happening while riding. It is important to know that 40% of scooter accidents are caused by handlebar failures. The Noaio team tested the Hx 7 scooter. We tested it in all the conditions in which we could find ourselves (rain, heat wave, cold and wind) as well as all types of terrain (gravel, bumps, hill and downhill). For us, it is the most reliable scooter in the sub-$800 category.

Regaring the interface, the Hx 7 has a waterproof LCD screen allowing for a user-friendly overview of the scooter information: battery level indicator, selected speed mode, instantaneous speed and activation or not of the lights. 

A safety bell is ergonomically located at the brake handle to signal your presence.

The handles and the deck are of very good quality. Thanks to a safe and ergonomic design, surfaces don't become slippery, even when it's raining. Rubber decks are more practical than grip decks (sand paper like) because they are much easier to clean and wear out less quickly.

A solid stand is present to park the scooter safely without having to lean it against a wall.

The scooter can be folded to be lifted with one hand. It is even possible to unscrew the handles if you want to store the scooter without taking up too much space.


If you want to own a scooter for your daily commute around town, look no further! The X7 scooter is perfect for trips of less than 20km. Lightweight, compact, very sleek and discreet look, it has everything a scooter should have in 2021. Moreover the removable battery system is very practical, we can not do without it now: testing it is adopting it!

Pros :

  • Portable battery
  • 3 reliable and safe brake systems
  • Ergonomic bell
  • Robust and reliable
  • Rain resistant. IP55 RATING

Customer reviews

5.0 / 5

4 reviews



Rapport qualité/prix incroyable

Published on 22 Apr 2021
Je me suis procuré une trottinette X7 l'été dernier. Au bout d'un an la trottinette est encore dans un état neuf alors que je l'utilise tout les jours. Il manque un peu de torque dans les montées mais elle fidèle à ses caractéristiques. Je pèse 190Lbs et avec la batterie 230Wh je fais 25km en étant à fond. La batterie portative c'est tellement pratique. Je recommande 100%



Published on 29 Sep 2023
Super service!! Super trottinette! Livraison à ma porte par le proprio 18hrs après la commande en ligne!!! Rien à redire! Merci!!!!


Satisfait de mon choix

Published on 29 Sep 2023
Je cherchais une Ninebot ou une Xiaomi pour mes déplacements à Montréal. J'ai discuté avec un vendeur de Noaio qui m'a parlé de la HX X7 et X8. Après avoir testé les modèles et discuté avec Guillaume, J'ai commandé une X7. À date j'ai plus de 500km de fait avec et je suis comblé. Mon frère a acheté une M365 et la sienne commence à faire des bruits bizare. En comparant les deux, il n'y a pas photo la X7 est beaucoup plus robuste et fiable. MERCI Noaio


Super service

Published on 17 Oct 2019
Une équipe très professionnelle. Si vous voulez acheter votre première trottinette, c'est ici que ca se passe! La trottinette c'est génial! j'aurais aimé plus d'autonomie, j'ai acheté une deuxieme batterie pour doubler l'autonomie. Je pars toujours avec les deux batteries chargées à fond puis j'échange a la moitié de mon trajet! Merci :)

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