Begode Tesla T4 Latest Version

New version of the Tesla T4 with new suspension. Metal battery case. 1800Wh battery and 2500W motor power

2 499.00 CA$

2 999.00 CA$

Range of 120 km, drive with peace of mind

1800 Wh battery

Top speed of 60 km/h, never late for work

2500W motor power

No more defects on the road

Suspension up to 100 mm vertical travel




Begode T4, a comfortable and powerful electric unicycle


Tesla T4 is a model from Begode, equipped with a 2500 W motor and a 1800Wh battery that allows to reach a speed of up to 60 km and a range of 120 km.


One 16" wheel with shock absorber system.


Begode T4 is the first 16" wheel equipped with a shock absorber system. It allows the wheelers to benefit from an optimal comfort in all situations. Indeed, this electric unicycle offers a suspension with a travel of 100 mm which was usually reserved for the top of the range model.

Its style, its size, its seat



The begode T4 has a trendy, elegant and aggressive style. It has a nice wide seat that offers great comfort for all your outings. 
Its weight of 66 Ibs and its size will please those who have limited storage space and want to carry their wheel on the stairs.

Its headlights



The T4 has a powerful lighting with trail lights and headlights of 6000 lumens and a complete software (speed alarms, battery alarms...)
Ride in complete safety. 

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