Begode MTen4

Mix the Claptrap robot from Borderland with a Minion and you get the Mten4! 1000W of motor for a speed of up to 40km/h. This little racer is the perfect companion to visit in micro mobility!

1 499.90 CA$

1 599.90 CA$

60 km range, drive with peace of mind

750 Wh battery

Maximum speed of 40 km/h

1000W motor power

As easy to carry as a backpack

A weight of only 28 Ibs




Begode MTEN4, the little city electric unicycle

MTEN4 is the world's smallest electric unicycle (EUC)! It is the ideal model to start learning or to make urban trips.

With its 1000W motor and 750Wh battery, it is a small and powerful model. You can reach a speed up to 40 km/h and benefit from a 60 km autonomy, more than enough for all your urban trips.

Driving, weight, height

Begode wheels are known for their great handling. This is even more pronounced with the MTEN4. Its 10" wheel makes this model an easy to handle wheel. 
Its light frame makes it easy to use for all wheelers. 100% fun to use.

With its weight of only 28 ibs it is also a very easy to transport model. With its size of 350x200x440mm, you can store your wheel anywhere:  In a backpack, under your desk, in a locker....

Its design

Gotway Mten4 is the perfect mix between the Claptrap robot from Borderland and a Minion. It is a very nice model with strong lines, a beautiful blue color and gracefully designed lights.

Its 5000 lumen headlight allows you to be seen and to circulate in the city safely.

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