Begode Master Pro

New EUC from Begode, the Master Pro is a 22" electric unicycle with a 4800Wh/134V battery. It has a 4500W High Torque motor.

5 999.00 CA$

Range of 300 km, more than an electric car

4800 Wh battery

Top speed of 75 km/h, never late for work

4500 W motor power

No more defects on the road

Absorb up to 80 mm of vertical travel




Begode Master Pro, a premium electric unicycle.

The Master Pro is the new model from Begode! It's a high quality EUC with exceptional features.  


This off-road wheel is powered by a nice 4500W motor, enough to delight all off-road enthusiasts.
Its 4800Wh battery, more durable than its competitor, the Inmotion V13, offers an excellent range of 300 km. You can ride for hundreds of kilometers without recharging.

The Begode Master pro, a comfortable wheel ?



Begode master is a very comfortable gyroroue! This model offers a 22" wheel and a 80 mm suspension. These characteristics offer a pleasant and serene ride on all types of roads: dirt, pebbles, tarmac etc. With this suspension, you will be able to go to places you have never been before.  
These suspensions are the real added value of the Master pro. 

Other features: design, weight

The begode master pro has the bright red of the Begode master

This master pro appears with a sober, elegant design, black color, sending an image of solidity.
Its trolley allows you to walk beside its wheel very easily. However, with its weight of more than 110ibs, it will be difficult to carry.  
Its screen displays your driving speed in real time, your battery level.

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