Begode Master

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Begode Master - Battery 2400Wh/134v 50E 21700

3 799.00 CA$

4 099.00 CA$

Range of 120 km, drive with peace of mind

3500 Wh battery

Top speed of 70 km/h, never late for work

3500 W motor power

No more defects on the road

Absorb up to 80 mm of vertical travel




Begode master, a high performance electric unicycle

This master from Begode is a success. It will satisfy all the confirmed wheelers with its 3500W motor offering a maximum speed of 70km/h.
The Molicel P42A battery is just as impressive with a capacity of 2400 Wh giving a range of 120 km.
Begode is the only manufacturer of electric unicycle to propose a voltage of 134V.

The sensations will be there!

Comfort, weight and design

Besides the power, the master is also a comfortable wheel.
Its 20" trial/offroad tire and its suspension provide great stability and ease of riding. You will be able to ride as well on roads as on more difficult paths.

You will also be able to follow in real time your battery level, your speed thanks to its screen. 

Its weight of 79ibs is perhaps the only drawback of this model. It will be difficult to carry. Fortunately, its trolley will allow you to walk next to it and to roll it everywhere.
Compared to the Master pro, this master offers a beautiful bright red color. It is a bright, pretty and attractive design. We love it!

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