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GotWay MSuper Pro 1800Wh 100V

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delivery in 30 working days
Motor power
Wheel size
55 lbs / 25 kg
Max speed
60 km/h
70 à 150 km
265 lbs / 120 kg
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Characteristic Value
Battery 1800 Wh, 100V
Charging time 3 à 6 hours
Color Black
Distance between footboard and ground 6.3" / 16.5 cm
Max speed 60 km/h
Mileage 70 à 150 km
Motor power 2500W
Payload 265 lbs / 120 kg
Weight 55 lbs / 25 kg
Wheel size 19"
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jason payeur
950 km
0 probleme worth it,trust me.
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General description

The Gotway M Super Pro or commonly known as MSP is Gotway's new 2020 gyro wheel. The heir to the MSX, the MSP is now the most powerful and fastest electric single-cylinder. With its 2500W motor and its 1800wh battery for 100V, it is now the most powerful and fastest electric single-cylinder. "One wheel to rule them all".

If you're looking for the most powerful, fastest and toughest, look no further.


The MSP uses the same finishing lines as the MSX. I let you compare the pictures below to really visualize the difference.

MSP and her old sister MSX

It's a bit like the 7 differences game, it's classic GotWay.

The carbon finish of the MSP makes it very successful with a look that resembles a Formula 1. The wheel panels and side foams have been refined to make the wheel look better. We can notice a modification of the rear headlight and some other subtle details like the speakers that are now visible. The overall look remains the same as the MSX.


As mentioned in the description, the MSP (along with the Monster V3) is the most powerful wheel on the market. With its 2500 Watt engine, nothing is impassable anymore. Add to that a battery of 1850wh for 100V and you have the most powerful wheel on the market. At a constant speed of 30 to 40km/h you can easily wait for the 120km range. If you decide to drive around 50 to 60 km/h you will be limited to 75km which is still enough for a good ride!

Gotway has ensured alarm and security because the MSP has 11 different alarms. This is reassuring on the road! There are 3 alarms for speed, which can be modified with the application. There are 4 low voltage alarms, a motherboard overheating alarm, a general malfunction alarm, and two high voltage alarms.

A wheel tilt alarm allows the motor to be shut down when the wheel tilts more than 45° during a fall to protect the driver.

Don't forget to always equip yourself with the appropriate protection!


In terms of comfort, it is very similar to the MSX. The bearings allow the wheel to be well maintained while keeping control at high speeds.

The pedals are wide enough to have room for the whole foot. The grip is comfortable and efficient. The height of the pedals is 6.3" / 16.5 cm, 0.5cm less than the 16X, allowing for safe off-road riding.

The lighting is perfect for excellent visibility at night.

For the trolley, opinions are divided. Some will say it's the best trolley system, for others this opinion is not shared and will prefer the Kingsong or Inmotion system.

In conclusion

The Gotway M Super Pro is the Formula 1 of wheels. In terms of performance, reliability and safety Gotway has set the bar high.

  • The must have in terms of power and autonomy
  • Superb gliding sensation
  • Available sea
  • Very secure, lots of alarm


  • Still no change in design...
  • which means no improvement about trolley position

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Delivery from 4 to 30 working days
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