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Noaio N1+ Black

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delivery in 30 working days
Motor power
Wheel size
39.6 lbs / 18.5kg
Max speed
30 km/h
265lbs / 120kg
25 to 30 km real
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There are many models of compact electric scooters. Among the best known are Xiaomi's M365 and M365 Pro as well as Ninebot ES2. The N1 model we offer is in direct competition with these 3 models. We will show you the strength of our product in these next paragraphs.

Characteristic Value
Battery 36V 10.5Ah, 378 Wh
Charging time 4 hours
Color Black
Dimensions Longueur x Largeur x Hauteur : 42x17x45 in (108×43×114 cm)
Max speed 30 km/h
Mileage 25 to 30 km real
Motor power 250W
Payload 265lbs / 120kg
Weight 39.6 lbs / 18.5kg
Wheel size 10"
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Design and built quality

The Noaio N1 is sharing the frame of the M365. We find the same qualities and defects.

The design is refined: we find these famous red brake cables at the front and rear of the scooter. You either like it or you don't. Personally, we love it. It gives a personality to the scooter.

The wrists are pleasant without being extraordinary in the long term. The headlight is located on the top of the stem: it does the job without any worries. The scooter is one of the lightest with its 12.5kg.  Compared to the M365, our N1 has 10" wheels that raise the passenger a little on the road. In rubber, there is no risk of flattery and believe us, it's a great promise. The brake works well, the bell is not of the best quality but it does its job properly.

Engine, power and aggressiveness

With a nominal 250W motor rating of up to 500W, the N1 does no better than the ES2 or M365. This is the market standard. You can go up to 30 kimh depending on the weight of the passenger, the slope, the surface. In our tests, a 75kg passenger did not exceed 27kmh while an 85kg passenger was able to go at the regular 25kmh speed. 

The acceleration is progressive, it's not an aggressive scooter: you feel safe thanks to a smooth acceleration algorithm.   


Comfort is important on a vehicle of this type. With the rubber of the tires, you feel more vibrations than a scooter that has tires with inner tubes. To overcome this problem, the traditional 8.5" wheels have been replaced by 10" wheels. It's also better for the scooter's engine but it makes the scooter a little softer at acceleration. The front brake is pleasant and well located. The foot area is large enough. No worries on that side either. 

Our opinion

  • Very interesting quality/price/autonomy for value
  • No flat tire!
  • No tyre maintenance and inflation
  • Weight : 12.5 kg
  • Battery and speed indicator display
  • But...
  • Screws to check throughout vehicle lifecycle
  • Counterpart of the rubber tire: vibrations
  • No mechanical brake on the rear mudguard

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Our warranty is valid for a period of one year, except for batteries for which our warranty covers 6 months. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems

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Delivery in 4 working days
Delivery from 4 to 30 working days
delivery in 30 working days
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