Hx X7 VS Ninebot ES2 VS Xiaomi M365


After three years of existence, we have our own opinion on compact electric scooters. In our opinion, the Hx X7 is simply the best city scooter on the market. Its strong points make this model a real reference in this segment. We're going to compare it to two of its main competitors, the Ninebot ES2 and the Xiaomi M365, so that you too can get an idea of what you can expect from a quality scooter in 2021.


One of the main reasons that makes the Hx X7 a big favorite is the great idea of allowing the user to change the battery in a matter of seconds.... 30 seconds. Above all, it's a great guarantee for the overall life of the product. The lifespan of a scooter is intimately linked to its battery, which is usually capable of holding about 1000 charge cycles. On this model, we appreciate the fact that at the slightest problem we go to our store, order a battery and install it at home in 30 seconds. The price of the battery is 150$ and it will allow you to drive 15km. It's not enough? It is always possible to take an extra battery at the time of purchase and leave a charged battery at your job and one at home, or even put one in your bag. It's so simple.

Its competitors do not have this possibility. And when you know it exists, it's such a shame not to be able to take advantage of it. The Ninebot ES2 still has the possibility to add an external battery. But it can be screwed on and it takes about ten minutes to install. And you can't change the main battery in the stem without professional help.

On the other hand, we really appreciate the possibility to boost the ES2, transforming it into a more powerful model with double the autonomy. This makes this machine the best equipped in terms of battery. You will have to count on average a little more than 250$ for this battery which is attached to the stem.

As for the M365, it is doing very well thanks to a good battery capacity, which will allow you to reach 18-20km against 12-15km for its competitors.


The X7 electric scooter like the M365 has tubed tires. Hx had tried the tubeless tire, very practical to avoid punctures and therefore less maintenance but Hx came back to this technology after some problems with the sealing of the tire in the long term.

The Ninebot ES2 has solid hard rubber tires. It is equipped with front and rear suspension to overcome the comfort problem. 

Solid tires plus suspension or air tire without suspension, the two technologies are equivalent. 


There is still no match between the Hx X7 and the Xiaomi M365 and Ninebot ES2.

With an engine of 350W against respectively 250W and 300W, the X7 dominates. All these scooters reach the speed of 25kmh but the X7 is able to take 15% more speed with a better speed thanks to its better torque. The Ninebot ES2 is also not bad if you buy the extra battery that makes it an ES4. Then you can reach those famous 30kmh and will be able to take hills more easily.

As we always tell our customers, the speed to reach on an electric scooter is 25 to 30 kmh. Why is that? Because you can then overtake bicycles without too much trouble and without being caught behind bicycles that don't have mud guards .


With the Ninebot ES2, you will be equipped with engine brakes as well as the classic brake on the rear mudguard. The braking results are not the best but it is still very correct. We also have the Xiaomi M365 which has opted for a rear disc brake. It's already more efficient. Do you want all three? Then the Hx X7 will be the most reliable machine on braking. 

The lighting on all three machines is convincing. It illuminates quite adequately 2m in front of you. No trouble, you will be seen well.


The market for electric scooters has exploded. Many brands are now available. The best electric scooter is first and foremost a personal question even if we consider that certain features have now become essential for an adult electric scooter in 2020. The three models we have proposed in this article really play in the same range: all three are 12.5kg, are IP54 rated and are in the same price range.

The Xiaomi M365 has a relatively good finish and has an interesting range. However, it lacks a screen, its driving seems less precise with a very light stem (the battery is under the pad) and you can't upgrade it. It is better to avoid rain on this product even if it is IP54.

The Ninebot ES2 has a very good finish in any case better than the M365. We can only reproach this electric scooter for its small handlebars, a little disappointing autonomy and the few vibrations due to the full tires. It's still the only one that has suspension and its screen, classic is very practical.

Finally, the X7 has all the qualities of the ES2: super finish, LCD screen, IP54 standard. But its braking system, its ability to change the battery quickly make this electric scooter the most successful.