Choosing your first wheel


Hey there, new wheeler ! So you have finally decided to get yourself an electric unicycle ? But you are still pondering the age-old question : which is the best wheel to start this new venture?  The purpose of this article is to help you to choose the euc which fits the best your use case.

Buying an electric unicycle is not an easy step, especially if you don't know any wheelers who could help you.  To help, we will first talk about what you want to do mainly with your euc. Then we will talk about your morphology and the size of the market's wheels to conclude by the budget you want to spend for a possible purchase.


When first starting the electric unicycle, you have to be mindful of the environment in which you will be surrounded for the most part. Do you wish to commute daily for work? Are you looking for thrills and entertainment? Or would you rather just enjoy your free time and travel around your region?

We will explain to you the three big families of electric unicycles.


Ideal for daily commutes as they usually have enough autonomy to get  you to your workplace. They are easy to handle and their lower weight, around 22 to 28.6 lbs, allows for easy carrying when you go shopping or to a friend's. The key models in this range are : Inmotion V5F (14″), Inmotion V8F (16″) and the Gotway Mten (10″).

Their autonomy is around 25 to 40 km and their prices range from $700 to $1400.


These wheels are 38 to 44 lbs. They have a better autonomy than city-type wheels but lack their transportability. Most wheels in this range are 16". They offer better comfort and handling on the roads, which becomes important when your wheel can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h. Notable wheels in this range are the Inmotion V10 (16″), the KingSong KS16S (16″) and the Gotway MCM5 (16″).


They are the most powerful, most robust wheels that also benefit from a great autonomy. They will allow you to make long trips on the roads, on trails or in the woods for a distance of within 70 up to and beyond 100 km. Each brand showcases their own high-end model : Inmotion with its V10F (16″), KingSong with their KS18L/XL(18″), Gotway with its MSuper(18″) range and Ninebot and its imposing One Z10(18″).


It is important to know that four out of five of our customers buy a second wheel in the following year. There is no perfect model. We quickly fall in love with an electric unicycle and it is therefore difficult to find a model that fits a daily and sportive use. When our beast is tamed, a few hundreds kilimeters worth of experience under our belt, we usually strive to go even faster and further. To save a bit of money, here are a few tips:

  • If you have never tried an electric unicycle and you wish to use it for your day-to-day activities, we recommand that you start with the Inmotion V5F or V8F models. These models offer a good quality/price ratio with all of the advantages of modern wheels (trolly, front and back lights, circuit breaker). However, you can forget long rides or rides with your better-geared friends.
  • If you enjoy sliding, are a thrillseeker and think an electric unicycle will revolutionize your daily life, don't hesitate to go for a mid-range or higher model. If you have never tried one, you can contact with experience riders or specialists such as ourselves 🙂 and make your own opinion. Referring to the previous paragraph, we advise you to get the Inmotion V10 model at the very least. This will allow for longer rides on all types of terrains as you gain experience.