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Hx X8

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Motor power
Wheel size
Max speed
25 km/h
25 km réel
220lbs / 100kg
29 lbs / 13 kg


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The X8 electric scooter is a model that will be introduced in 2020 in Canada. The Chinese manufacturer Hx has designed a scooter with two major advantages that will hurt the competition: the removable battery and the three safe brakes (disc, mechanical on mudguard and engine). These two features of the Hx X8 scooter make it unique and ranked among the best scooters on the market today. 

What do we love about the scooter? The quality of its construction. It is incomparably better than a competitor's Xiaomi M365 or Ninenot ES2 scooter. At Noaio, we think this electric scooter is the best adult, urban and compact electric scooter on the market. 

Sound system, LCD screen, good range and light: barely 13kg on the scale.

Characteristic Value
Battery 36V 10Ah, 360 Wh
Charging time 5 hours
Color Black
Dimensions 106*42*45cm
IP rating IP54
Max speed 25 km/h
Mileage 25 km réel
Motor power 350W
Payload 220lbs / 100kg
Tire type Chambre à air
Weight 29 lbs / 13 kg
Wheel size 10"
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Design and built quality

The Hx X8 electric scooter for adults is the largest scooter from the manufacturer Hx. 

The design is robust, no visible screws, the welds are exceptional, its design is sober: a black frame with touches of red or silver with touches of sky blue. It is really the prettiest electric scooter among all its competitors.

It has a headlight and a rear light, it weighs only 13kg. With the three types of brakes it has, you feel very safe. The included bell is very powerful and of very good quality. It is water resistant. How not to talk about the battery? It's on the gallows and can be removed in less than 30 seconds. So you can take it and charge it at home by leaving the scooter in the bike garage, in the cellar or in the garage. You can imagine buying a second one and taking it in your backpack to double your autonomy. A revolution.  

Engine, power and aggressiveness

Both the X7 and the X8 have a 350W motor rated up to 700W peak. This is much better than the Xiami M365 or Ninebot ES2 which have a 250W nominal motor (500W peak). So we easily reach 25kmh (we went up to 28kmh!).


10 inch wheels for better absorption of road imperfections. This is one of the great advantages of this scooter. It has a frame large enough to be comfortable with your feet while riding. The LCD screen gives all the necessary information: speed, battery level, blutooth indicator and problem warning. 

Easily foldable

Our vision of an electric scooter is a practical, fast and convenient means of transportation that can be easily stored at work or at home. 

It must therefore be foldable to take up as little space as possible but also easy to fold. Our system is proven: it is easy to use. You don't need big hands to do the job.


There's no way to get lost in the dark. Your scooter is equipped with front and rear lights.

When you apply your brake, the rear headlight flashes to warn road users.

Acceleration and drive modes

Enjoy the sensitive and practical acceleration trigger. There is also an option available through the application that allows you to accelerate without staying pressing the trigger whole time.

You can change driving modes on the wrist thanks to dedicated button. With the Hx X7, there are 3 driving modes available

  • Normal - Go slowly to a top speed of 17 kmh
  • Comfort - Reach 23 km/h while still enjoying smooth acceleration
  • Sport - You can reach 28 kmh with a great acceleration

Bell included

Our scooters have a standard bell.

It is very well done, you won't want to change it!

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Our warranty is valid for a period of one year, except for batteries for which our warranty covers 6 months. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems

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