KingSong 16X

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Charging time
Max speed
70 miles
Motor power
330 lbs / 150 kg
Wheel size
16" * 3"


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Released in 2019, the KS16X is the most powerful wheel on the market. It is simply a beautiful beast which is also one of the most handy wheels we have ever tested. Congratulations to KingSong who played a real master trick there.

Characteristic Value
Battery 1554Wh
Charging time 10.5h
Color Black
Dimensions 23.2"x15.7x7
Distance between footboard and ground 6.7"
Max speed 31mph
Mileage 70 miles
Motor power 2200W
Payload 330 lbs / 150 kg
Weight 52 lbs / 23,6 kg
Wheel size 16" * 3"
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Design and built quality

Simply beautiful! A half plastic shell with a carbon effect, half soft thanks to the pads integrated in this shell. With its large tire, it is a little wider than its competitors. She breathes quality and you can feel it just by looking at her. The trolley is impressively robust, the rear mudguard gives it a particularly aggressive profile. The big headlight and LEDs are also very beautiful. 

Engine, power and range

We were talking about it, the 2200W motor of this electric unicycle makes it currently the most powerful EUC on the market. Mounted on a 16" tire, it benefits from a higher torque that allows it to climb slopes up to 30deg! Thanks to its 1554Wh battery, it is able to cover up to 110km with a maximum speed of 50 km/h! 

Ergonomics and comfort

Here again, KingSong achieved some feats! With a 3" tire on an atypical 16" wheel, you no longer feel the imperfections of the road and you stay on a very handy wheel! Moreover, it has all the equipment of a last generation wheel, and even more!

Telescopic trolley with double sensor, dedicated mobile application, customizable leds, light sensor, speakers with subwoofer, large standard pedals, possibility to put a double charger (max 6A) and double USB ports! It is a model that comes close to perfection both in terms of equipment and gliding sensation!

Our opinion

  • What a wonderful wheel
  • and what power!
  • All the equipment of high-end 2019 wheel
  • Very comfortable to commute even on degraded roads
  • Bu...
  • No 100v model?
  • Double charging allows a maximum of 10A on KS18, only 6 here

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Delivery in 4 working days
Delivery from 4 to 30 working days
delivery in 30 working days