firmware 2.0 upgrade for KS18L, 18LH and 16S

Hello, wheeler friends,

Here is the latest information from the manufacturer KingSong about the release a few days ago of the latest firmware 2.0. This patch concerns the KS 18L, 18LH and 16S.

Unicycles have to do level calibration after firmware upgrade before riding, the speed setting will revert to factory setting, so need to re-set again.
Updates of V2.0 are:

  • Lowered down CPU operating frequency, make the whole system more efficient.
  • Acceleration, brake, turning more agile 
  • New algorithm for motor driving, quieted the motor sound , more stable at high speed
  • Better heat dissipation,100% airflow output on cooling fan when the music and illuminating light are on at the same time.
  • Front& rear light can be turned on / off  with physical power button
  • Wheels will power off automatically within 120mins if without any operation ( While riding, playing music, this function will be invalid 
  • When power on, cooling fan temperature is 45 degree , airflow output is 50%, when the fan temperature reaches to 65 degree, airflow output will be 100% 
  • Simplified level calibration, the wheel will power off automatically after level calibration, only power on again can continue to ride
  • Speed can be adjusted to 50km/h after 10km riding 10.Optimized lift sensor detection method, cancelled lift sensor calibration function 

Noaio's team will endeavour to keep you informed throughout the year of the latest news concerning the gyroroue.