A wheeler in Montréal

About 6 months ago, I moved to Montréal. I quickly bought an electric unicycle. I can now share with you my feelings about the beast that I drive in the streets of Montréal.

A very special transport mode

"What the f*ck is this ? Is that coming from future ?". Here's what you can hear in the street when you are riding on an electric unicycle. And I was like them. I found my job in mid 2018, it was located some miles away from my condo. I though that in 2018 I could find a cool transport mode to go to. I first rent Bixi cycles then I saw some guys in electric sccoter Dyad. I was thinking about buying one but I couldnt store it during winter. 

Then I looked for classic electric scooters. During my researchs I found electric unicycles. I knew hoverboards but that wasnt fast or even practicful. After reading some articles about euc, I finally decided to buy one. Best idea ever I had. 

A very special transport mode

I bought it and I'm now flying in the streets