Let try electric unicycles and scooters for free at Montréal

Every Thursday night, from 6:00 pm!

There are some fundamental questions that people ask themselves before they dare to buy one of the new urban electric mobility vehicles: can I drive an electric scooter? Even worse, am I able to control a gyrorrhea? But what is a gyrorrhoea anyway? Is it easy for you?

Every Thursday, from August 8th until the end of September, we will answer all your questions and let you try our vehicles so that you can get a concrete idea of this new way of getting around town. 

We will be accompanied by the Montreal Wheelers who will be happy to guide you through your choice and help you in practice. To come and rub up against our machines, we strongly recommend that you bring a helmet (even if the initation itself is done at Lafontaine Park and the risks are minimal). We will provide wrist guards to our users, a fall can quickly occur during the first tests. We don't want to take any risks (and neither do you).

If Thursday is not convenient, you can always contact us to make an appointment for an initiation at a different date and time. For registration on Thursday evening, do not hesitate to go through meetup or contact us

Please note that Noaio is not responsible for any damage (material or physical) that you may cause during these tests. Before a test, we will read you the rules below that you will have to accept before a potential test:

  1. Groupe Noaio is not responsible for any material and physical damage you may cause during this test.
  2. Groupe Noaio does not cover any medical expenses that could occur following a fall or be caused to a third party
  3. You must be equipped with wrist guards that we will provide you during a gyrorrhea test.
  4. It is prohibited to board a vehicle without express authorization.
  5. You will not lend any vehicles to a third party within the group
  6. You must always stay in an area close to the organizers, in view of them

If you are ready to test a new form of mobility, trust us to guide you!

Every Thursday night, from 6:00 pm!