Electric scooters M365, M365 Pro and unicycle KS16X now avaible in Québec

It is with great pleasure that we are already announcing the arrival of new scooters equivalent to the M365 and M365 Pro at Noaio! Reviewed in our image for an improved version. They are not from the Xiaomi brand since we have decided to make modifications at our factory in China so that the model is more in line with the problems of our Montreal territory.

We can also announce that the KS16X will be available for September if everything goes well! The new KingSong electric wheel is finally coming to Quebec!

Noaio electric scooters: a serious alternative to the M365

We were often asked why not do more electric scooters and especially why not offer the Xiaomi M365 when we offer its big rival the Ninebot ES2. 

The problem was simple: the Xiaomi M365 has no suspension and its air has an inner tube. Punctures in perspective as well as bounces due to tires. We lose a lot of comfort in cities like Montreal where asphalt is not the best in the world. 

We therefore chose hand in hand with our manufacturer to create the scooter that we think is much better designed for Quebec: 10" wheels, all in rubber to solve the problems of the M365s, as well as a rear disc brake for greater efficiency compared to the Ninebot ES2 and ES4.

Accompanied by a battery of your choice from 8.4 Ah to 10.2 Ah, you will also have a choice equal to the M365 and M365 Pro models. Stay tuned for more details on these two models which should be sold for around 650$ for the small one and 800$ for the larger one (in terms of battery capacity). These prices are indicative only.

Arrival of the KingSong KS16X in Quebec

The KingSong KS16X has been on the news for many months. Flagship model of the year 2019, announced at the beginning of the year, we were among the first to be interested in it! 

The reality is that we had to wait before ordering them. The life of a fast-growing store is sometimes difficult. That's why we are now happy to be able to announce it for September (if everything goes well, of course). It's a promising wheel and we can't wait to test it! We should do his test in a few weeks by making our contacts work. From here if you want more information, visit the product sheet!

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